About Rosslyn Recruitment


Established in 1989, Rosslyn Recruitment primarily operates as recruitment service provider for permanent, outsourced, contractual and temporary staff. It provides a number of integrated services such as training and assessment technologies to complement and optimised the efficiency of the Recruitment process.
The company takes cognisance of the fact that employment is a risk process and therefore endeavours to eliminate or reduce the risk associated with employment of personnel.
Utilising proven and defined Human Resource processes and technologies we are able to achieve a benchmark in mitigating risk associated within the employment process.
The management comprises financial, legal, engineering, trade and marketing experts committed to ensure Rosslyn Recruitment’s resources are professionally executed and maintained.


Rosslyn Recruitment understands that both the Employer and the Applicant have employment needs and only by fully understanding and satisfying such needs, by correct matching, is the risk of employment reduced or eliminated.


The following recruitment processes are included in our standard services:
Preparation of detailed job specifications
Advertising for job Applicants based on researched and effective advertising models
Personnel needs
Skills assessments
Reference and credit checks
Structured qualification of job Applicants against job function and other selection criteria
Preparation and presentation of detailed curriculum vitae
Referral of qualified job Applicants


This form of recruitment programme comprises of:
Tailored flexible staffing plans made to suit your business needs
Outsource non-core job functions
Ad hoc projects requiring additional staff for a predetermined period
The client’s specific personnel requirements are assessed in order to achieve a staffing plan that ensures maximum productivity


When making use of flexible staffing solutions provided by Rosslyn Recruitment, the following functions which would normally be the employer’s function, are undertaken by Rosslyn Recruitment:
Recruitment process
Payroll and Administration functions
Discipline, performance assessments, counselling and motivational matters
Multi-skilling programs
Psychometric and personality assessments if considered necessary
Basic Medical testing if an inherent job requirement
Flexible staffing is charged on an hourly basis and the client is only charged for productive time

In addition to the costs involved in the provision of the flexible staffing services, Rosslyn Recruitment further absorbs the following costs:
Statutory benefits as afforded by legislation and labour agreements
Guarantee periods ensuring the suitability of individual flexible staff
Elimination of the risk by erroneously employing permanent personnel

Should a job function or staff requirement change, the flexible staff plan may be upgraded or downgraded to ensure optimum staffing levels.


Rosslyn Recruitment services clients locally and internationally in the following areas: